• Second Job Classes



  • Third Job Classes



The Mercenary class is normally the first choice of newer players.  These hack and slash characters are easy to level and don't require much money to raise.  Being basically just click and wait, they make it easier to learn the game's mechanics.  There are many types of Mercenaries:  Those going for Blade as their second job would go mostly for Dexterity.  If you see someone who is nothing more than a blur as they hack away, then most likely you have just encountered a Blade.  those going forKnight would place most of their points into Stamina.  The Knight class is what most players fondly refer to when they speak of the human meat shield.  These guys can really withstand some heavy hits.


Axe Mastery Axe Increases the striking power of an axe. 15
Blazing Sword Sword
Increases the accuracy and stirking power of a Sword.
Blindside Sword or Axe A spining, finishing move. 30
Bloody Strike Sword or Axe Drains life from an enemy. 20
Empower Weapon Sword or Axe. Strengthens the elemental damage of a weapon. 20
Guillotine Sword or Axe
A powerful, ranged attack.
Hit Reflect Sword or Axe This skill absorbs one attack and releases it back at an enemy. 25
Keenwheel Sword or Axe A continous spinning attack. 18
Pan Barrier Shield Increases the defense of a Shield against ranged attacks 18
Protection Shield Increases the defense of a Shield against melee attacks. 15
Slash Sword or Axe Strikes the enemy two times, in rapid succession. 15
Smite Axe Axe
Increases your defensive rating and striking power while using an axe.
Sneaker Sword or Axe
Stops an enemy in place..
Special Hit Sword or Axe A single, powerful strike. 30
Sword Mastery Sword Increases the striking power of a Sword. 30