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The Acrobat is the most recent of the four first classes in the game, having been added to FlyFF during an update on December 21, 2005. Acrobats depend heavily on ranged melee attacks to fight,utilizing both Bows and Yo-Yos to combat enemies. Bows consume Arrows with each use, and Yo-yos have a slight chance to knock the target backwards. Since their weapons require both hands to wield, Acrobats are unable to equip a Shield. However, Acrobats have a wide array of skills geared towards stealthy and cunning maneuvers like Dark Illusion, which allows the user to turn invisible temporarily, and Crossline, which has a chance to stun the target.

Acrobats make use of every stat except for Intelligence, which doesn't influence their damage, defense rate, or any aspect of their character except for their MP pool. Many players will advise against adding points of INT only to increase an Acrobat's MP, since the points are better spent in Strength, Stamina, or Dexterity.


Aimed Shot Bow Slwo shot that has a chance to deal double damage. 35
Arrow Rain Bow Creates a rain of arrows that does damage over time. 50
Auto Shot Bow Rapid shot that can blind an enemy. 45
Bow Mastery Bow Increases damage done with a Bow. 20
Counter Attack Yo-yo Absorb energy from opponent's attack and send it back.  May generate Knockback. 40
Cross Line Yo-Yo A Yo-Yo strike that can cause stun. 30
Dark Illusion Yo-Yo
Become momentarily invisible.
Deadly Swing Yo-Yo Strong Yo-Yo blast.  May cause enemy to lose health over time. 50
Fast Walker Bow or Yo-Yo Increases walk speed for a short time. 18
Perfect Block Yo-yo Increases block rate. 45
Pulling Yo-Yo Brings a target to you using a Yo-Yo 15
Rapid Shot Bow Fire arrows wildly 15
Silent Shot Yo-Yo A surprise attack t hat does more damage during Dark Illusion. 30
Slow Step Yo-Yo
Slows an enemy.
Snatch Yo-yo Steal penya and do damage to target while in Dark Illusion.  You must be behind target to attack.  Attacking target will pull you out of Dark Illusion. 35
Yo-Yo Mastery Yo-Yo Increases damage done with a Yo-Yo 20