November 20 2012

Thanksgiving Exp & Black Friday Deals!

Greetings Flyffers!

It's Thanksgiving week, and that awesome time of the year with the best Cash Shop deals we can offer you! It's a great week, and we're gonna first feast upon a scrumptious 2.5x Exp event. This Exp event runs for the next week so buff up!

Black Friday epic deals have also already kicked in, we're tooo excited with our specials we just couldn't hold it in anymore, and it's even better when you combine the on-going 20% bonus gPotatoes offer!! Check out our Cash Shop now... EVERYTHING is discounted! 20% off, 30% off, 40% off! Not to mention the other epic Mighty Bundles already in  so that's also a superb discount on it's own... can't resist...

Anyways, enjoy your turkey days and have an amazing Thanksgiving Flyffers =]!

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