November 13 2012

Thanksgiving Early Specials!

Hellohello Flyffers!

Yes yes! We're starting the Thanksgiving Specials a little earlier this time around, which means more opportunity for you to gear up! Thanksgiving is next week but we can count down to that awesome weekend with some goodies now yay!

Starting this week, Fortune boxes will be rotating in and out of the Cash Shop every other day, there's gonna be a sweet new surprise each time you check it out. Also, the best deal in town the Mighty (S) Card bundles are in the Shop! But it won't last long, so stock up!!!

We also have a fun little event in game this week, the Roll For Fun event. It's a very simple event that everyone could enjoy! Simply spend some time with Lady Fortune (located in Flaris by the Mayor) and try your luck at riches.

Lastly, if you haven't heard yet, there's an amazing fun poll going on over in the forums now for the most interesting player created Fashion Combination Set, and the finalists need all the votes they can get! Go on and check out the sweet Fashion sets your fellow players have created and vote for them!

Have a splendid week ahead Flyffers!

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