July 31 2012

Guild Siege Gold

Hellohello Flyffers!
Yes it's finally here!!! We are proud to to present to you Guild Siege Gold! This exciting new update to the existing Guild Siege system promises improvements to what participants care most about - the epic and awesome rewards (and the drama that follows /ridi).

With this update, gone are the old boring Red Chips. Instead, winning guilds will now find themselves handsomely rewarded with Blue Chips! Got Blue chips? Make your way over to the distant and exotic lands of Eillun; there you will find the esteemed, new Blue Chip Merchant Kooromi. The Blue Chips can be exchanged to him for new, coveted and precious Baruna Armor Chance Boxes and Baruna Weapon Chance Boxes! As the names suggest, powerful Baruna armor and weapon artifacts can be found within! Also hidden in these rare lucky chance boxes are varying amounts of shimmering Gold Chips! (Amongst other delicious goodies :D)

Last but not least, we're increasing the frequency of Guild Siege!!! Starting immediately on Wednesday (August 1st), Guild Siege will be run twice a week - once on Wednesdays at 12 PM PST* and the other at the regularly scheduled Saturday time slot! This means more chances for you to slay your rivals, and more opportunities to get your hands filled with those coveted Blue Chips, resulting in your pockets being packed with precious prizes!

*Please complete all guild siege applications before 12 PM PST, as no other applications will be taken after that.

To kick off this long awaited, highly anticipated update, we are throwing in an awesome sale with new bundles, specially geared toward making your character stand tall and strong in Guild Siege (and everywhere else).

GSGold Sale
Divine Booster Pack
Brute Booster Pack
Vim Booster Pack
Translucent Dragonfly Wings

Have a spectacular week Flyffers! =]!!

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