July 27 2012

Merchant's Weekend Special Discount Sales

Good day Flyffers!
The weekend is here and it's time we show our love for the merchants out there in Madrigal.
We have an all new item, the Merchant's Permit, up in the store through the weekend as we know this is the favorite time of many merchants alike. This new items grants you virtually (almost) unlimited access to the Consignment Marketplace where you can sell and trade your goods to your heart's content. Grab a permit for yourselves and let the riches roll on in!
Aside from that, we've also got several cool items in the store that's exclusively discounted, even more savings and trading yay!

Weekend Discounts

Scroll of Unbinding


Item Transy (A)s and (B)s

7 Day Dark Traseia Tickets

7 Day Traseia Tickets

1 Day Azria Tickets

1 Day Coral Island Tickets


Enjoy the weekend Flyffers, and keep it classy!

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