May 25 2012

Month Long Fire Sale! Huge Deals!



Greetings Flyffers and welcome to the Spring's End Super Sale! We've got a special treat in store for you and it comes in the shape of an EPIC 1 month or longer Fire Sale!

You see, there's a new sale coming to the cash shop each and every day, with new items, new bundles, and all those special deals that you oh so love! We'll update you daily as to what's going on, so be sure to check back and to visit the Cash Shop's digital shelves so that you don't miss out!

Additionally, each and every day, between the hours of 12 PM PST - 1 PM PST, the ENTIRE Cash Shop INCLUDING the Special Offers category will be discounted by 10% OFF or MORE! (The only way to find out if the 10% discount has increased is to check back often!)

To get you started, here's what we've got on deck for the next 24 hours!

  On Sale 05/22 - 05/23
  • NEW Scarlet Aura (7 Days)
  • NEW Violet Aura (7 Days)
  • NEW White Aura (7 Days)
  • New Green Aura (7 Days)
  • GPro(20) + APro(20) + Little Maid Cardpuppet Box
  • Magician Fortune Box - Wise Dragon Set (M)(F)
  • Clock Bikes (Orange), (White), (Violet) - w/ Fortune Tokens
  • Mega Bundle - 1 Day Azria Ticket (25)
  • Mad Hatter + White Rabbit Bundle
  • Baby Black Dragon w/ Free Pick-up Pet Reversion
  • Zodiacs + Blessings  (Rat), (Rooster), (Sheep), (Snake), (Tiger)
  • Rising Sun Set (M)(F) - RETRO Sale + Blessings!
  • Setting Sun Set (M) (F) - w/ Tokens and Chance Box!
  • Spacesuit Set (M)(F) - RETRO SALE +Blessings! 

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