January 24 2017

[Sale] Wings & Mounts!



The Top 10 bikes and mounts will return to the Cash Shop this week! From 24th January, until 27th January, you'll find the following items in the Cash Shop for 1.500 Wcoin each.

  Meteo Bike (Red)
Elegant Black Wings Elegant White Wings
Hera Hoverbike (Black)
Tiger Board
Riding Cloud (Blue)
Hera Hoverbike
Wings of the Divine Prophet
Angelic Wings
Sylia Hoverbike

In addition, when you purchase any of the above 10 items you will receive:

15 Bolo Random Boxes (M)

15 Bolo Random Boxes (F)


The Bolo Cloak Random Box (F) and (M) will give you one of the following items:


Bolo Cloak (M) or (F) (depending on the box) 
Scroll of Party EXP (15 Days)
Scroll of SProtect
Scroll of AProtect
Scroll of Gprotect
Scroll of Reversion
Upcut Stone
Vitaldrink X
Refresher Hold
Medicine for STR
Medicine for DEX
Medicine for INT
Medicine for STA

Have a great week!


Your WEBZEN team

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