January 17 2017

Midweek Sale - Piyoko and co.!


This week we have 4 mounts for you on offer! From Tuesday, January 17th til January 20th, you can find the following mounts in the Cash Shop for 1.500 Wcoin each:


The Hot One

Moder TR-ex

Red Bike


In addition, when you purchase any of the above 3 items you will receive:

15 Bolo Random Boxes (M)

15 Bolo Random Boxes (F)


The Bolo Cloak Random Box (F) and (M) will give you one of the following items:


Bolo Cloak (M) or (F) (depending on the box) 
Scroll of Party EXP (15 Days)
Scroll of SProtect
Scroll of AProtect
Scroll of Gprotect
Scroll of Reversion
Upcut Stone
Vitaldrink X
Refresher Hold
Medicine for STR
Medicine for DEX
Medicine for INT
Medicine for STA


Have an amazing week!

Your WEBZEN team


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