January 20 2017

A weekend of 30% off everything!




If you missed the promotion last time, you have another chance now! Until 23rd of January all categories in the cash shop will be reduced by 30%!


In additional to the 30%, we also have the following two items:

Bolo Cloak Random Box Deluxe (M) – 500 Wcoin

Bolo Cloak Random Box Deluxe (F) – 500 Wcoin


The Bolo Cloak Random Box Deluxe (F) and (M) will give you one of the following items:

1x Bolo Cloak (M) or (F) (depending on the box)

1x Scroll of Unbinding
2x Scroll of Amplification ES (S)
5x Scroll of Awakening Augmentation
6x Scroll of Reversion
5x Scroll of XProtect
1x 15 Days Common Bank
2x Scroll of acquisition (High)
11x Scroll of Resurrection
25x Scroll of Blessing
40x Scroll of Holy
25x Remantis Laccotte
15x Upcut Stone
15x Refresher Hold
13x Vital Drink X
6x Premium Teleport Map
6x Enhanced Activition
25x Sweet Ddukguk
25x Fresh Ddukguk
25x Hot Ddukguk



Have a nice weekend!


Your WEBZEN team

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