July 15 2014

Maintenance: July 15th, 2014


The weekly maintenance took place on Tuesday, 07/15/2014, from 07:30am to 9:30am (GMT+1).

  • The FLYFFA Cup 2014 event ends and will be removed from the servers.
  • The Summer Login Madness events is still ongoing.
  • The Flyff Hold'em 2014 event will start with a lot of great rewards!
  • There will be a Crazy Weekend: Secret Drops! event this weekend, from Friday to Sunday! Additionally, we'll have a Crazy Weekend: Kalgas, the Generous event on Saturday and Sunday! Details will be posted on Thursday.
The portal and forums will also be undergoing maintenance at the same time, from 07:30am to 10:00am (GMT+1) and won't be accessible.

Fly safe in Madrigal!

Best regards,
The WEBZEN team

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