March 26 2014

Maintenance March 27th 2014


Weekly Maintenance March 27th, 2014


The weekly maintenance took place on Thursday 03/27/2014, from 00:01am to 03: 54 (PST).

The servers are now available!

The following modifications have be implemented:

- Game:

  • New Webzen Log in and Loading screens applied in game

- Game Guard:

Update of Game Guard version:
  • Improved compatibility
  • Enhanced stability of game guard itself
  • Enhanced security against bots and tools

- Events:

St Patrick event, bug fix for rewards:

  • Green Beachwear (M) replaced by Green Beach Wear Set F (M)
  • Green Sailor Suit (M) replaced by Green Sailor (M)
  • Green Sailor Suit (F) replaced by Green Sailor (F)

St Patrick, adjustment:

  • All non-CS items (food, buff items, furnitures, etc.) will now be tradable when you will open the boxes

- Translation:

  • Translation hasn't been updated, it will be most likely done next week.

Fly safe in Madrigal!
Best regards,
The gPotato team

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