August 11 2014

[Event] Madrigalaxy 2014


The beautiful blue-white star Vega has a special place in the hearts of many skywatchers.

While she's a celestial being, watching over all of you from the skies high above, Vega sometimes descends to Madrigal to celebrate with all the Madrigalians. But this time there was a small misunderstanding with the other stars in the sky...and they all followed her to Madrigal, so the sky is empty now! As Vega can only be happy with a sky full of sparkling stars, she needs your help to find all the other stars and bring them back to her, so she can send them back to the sky again!

Stars are tricky little beings though. They are attracted by shiny and glowing things, so they all fell to the Collector Fields in Madrigal and you'll have to collect them from there! Furthermore, they can only be stored in glass bottles, so Vega will ask you to bring her some as well!


Date: August, 12th 2014 - September, 16th 2014
Location: Flaris
NPC: Vega
Level: 15-150
Objective: Collect 5 Star Pieces (from Collector Fields) and 5 Glass Bottles (from monsters level 15+) and bring them to Vega. She will reward you with a Madrigalaxy Box 2014!

The Madrigalaxy Box 2014 can contain:

Riding Cloud (Light pink) A mysterious flying cloud. Maximum Speed: 269 km/h. 1 No
Mizu Yukata 2011 Set (M) An elegant male Yukata reserved for the seafaring warrior. This mystical garb is said to harness the power of the typhoon. Contains Geta, Yukata, and Hands. 1 No
Mizu Yukata 2011 Set (F) An elegant female Yukata reserved for the seafaring warrior. This mystical garb is said to harness the power of the typhoon. Contains Geta, Yukata, and Hands. 1 No
Nymph Hair (F) Brown Brown nymph hair for female characters. 1 No
Warrior Hair (M) Blue Luxurious blue hair for male characters. 1 No
Dreamweaver Mask 2014 Wonderful Mask that gives +8 in INT and STA. 1 No
Couple Ring Put your name on the ring and give it to your sweetheart! 1 No
1 Day Extra Bag Expands item carrying limit for characters. (Lasts 24 hours from activation, even if logged off). 1 No
Usagi(7 Days) Usagi believes in good fortune and follows her master around picking up dropped items. 1 No
NarKeni's Potion Box of the Murderous Vagrant This box contains one potion, flask, or elixir. *Whenever it’s opened, Shade kills a Vagrant* 3 No
Lovely Flowers Look! Something is inside! 1 No
Lovely Briquette Increases Damage by 200 and Defense by 150 for 10 minutes. 3 No
The Seeds of Love Increases Max HP by +150 for 1 hour. Once expired it becomes a Love Sprout. 1 Yes
Wings of an Angel Gives a character golden wings for a limited time. 3 No
Firecracker Box This box contains a beautiful firework. 1 No
Pink Cake I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn't have one. So I got a cake. Recovers 9.999 FP. 8 No
Green Cake A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake. Recovers 9.999 MP. 8 No
White Cake Not quite a Chef Duff masterpiece, but it does the job! Recovers 9.999 HP. 8 No


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