July 11 2014

[Sale] Are you ready to level up? Try our Experience Luckybox sale! (07/11 - 07/14)


Bobochan woke up one morning and felt...empty. He couldn't get rid of the feeling that something was missing. He tried to craft some items...and then it happened! He couldn't do it anymore. He lost his precious expertise and quickly needed to gain some more experience before his first customers came. So he headed to the Flyff Shop, to indulge himself with some Luckyboxes Experience Q and R*!

What? You never heard of those famous Luckyboxes?

The Luckybox Experience Q (380 WCoin) will reward you with between 1 and 5 Scrolls of Amplification Q (1 Day) while the Luckybox Experience R (200 WCoin) has a chance to give you between 1 and 5 Scrolls of Amplification R (1 Day)!

Interested? Visit the "Special Offers (Chance Boxes)" category of our Flyff Shop, crack open those Luckyboxes and buckle up for this week-end!

This offer is available from July 11th, 2014 until July 14th 2014 only.

*The Luckyboxes Experience Q and R do not provide an actual box in the inventory, thus they are not tradable. They will simply automatically add up to 5 Scrolls of Amplification to the inventory, corresponding to the name of the Box.


Have a great weekend!

Your WEBZEN team

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