July 10 2014

[In-game] Crazy Weekend: Cute Invasion! (07/11 - 07/13/2014)

They are small.
They are cute.
But they don't like you!

Some of you might think these cute little critters don't mean you any harm...but you are wrong! They are after you and have decided to invade Madrigal once more the weekend!

From July 11th til July 13th, the following cute monsters will appear in Madrigal!

It's up to you to drive them back!


The Saphyryan is a hunter with blue fur and glowing eyes (very handy for reading in bed). He sees everything, knows everything and hates AoE. He protects himself with a small shield, but will admit that it is mostly used as a fashion accessory to attract female Saphyryan (aka Saphyrette).

The worst of them all. Under his harmless appearance, this little rabbit hides THE true brain of the Cute crew.

Sneaky, fast and diabolical, the Mocomochi won't hesitate to attack you, alone or in a pack, especially once you turn your back on them.

Houuuuu!! He's so cute!

Yes, but no. Resist his soft wool. Say no to his big wet eyes. This cutie is not that innocent! What did he do wrong? Absolutely nothing except hanging around with the gang of Earls and Mocomochies and that's bad enough!

Do not let him waddle gently towards you or you'll never have the courage to finish him. Attack him on sight!
Gray Earl

You met his cousin Earl Vermelho during the last cute invasion? Today, the Gray Earl takes over.

They almost look the same, only their blend of tea is different. After all the Gray Earl loves a good Earl Grey (do you?).

Do not try to argue with him though and avoid drinking his tea at all costs, as it is poisoned too!


Have fun and enjoy your weekend!


Your WEBZEN team

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