June 19 2014

[In-game] Crazy Weekend: Secret Drops! (06/20/14 - 06/22/14)


Have you ever wondered about drop rates? Or why you're so unlucky and never drop anything? turns out the monsters roaming Madrigal stole part of your loot!

But it's time to get it back now! This weekend (Friday, 06/20/14 - Sunday, 06/22/14) you'll have the chance to get all the items on this list! They will drop randomly from monsters all across Madrigal - so, it's time to hunt some monsters (level 1-152) and get that loot!

The drops will reset every 6 hours, so don't worry about all drops being used up at some point. You will have a chance to get the items on the list during the whole weekend! (Tip: Changing channels during the event isn't a bad idea either ;))

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!


Your WEBZEN team

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