May 13 2014

The games have begun! - Our events in May

Eggs...I'm pretty sure we've all seen enough eggs lately!

Everybody in Madrigal needs a break to relax from those exhausting egg hunts. And what better way to get your mind of something is there than to play games!

From Tuesday, May 13th until Monday, June 9th your fellow Madrigalians have prepared some games for you to spend your egg-free time. The Mayor of Flaris is running his popular Rock-Paper-Scissors event again and will let you participate if you can bring him enough pumpkins (and have some money to spare). A few casino girls have also made their way to Madrigal too and want to play Dice with you. Do you feel like trying your luck? And if you feel courageous...why not pay a visit to the Dumb Bull Matador and participate in his Running of the Dumb Bull event? But be warned, we might call them dumb, yet they may be vicious...or not!

Enjoy the games this month!

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