May 09 2014

Get ready to win up to 5 Scrolls of Amplification Q (1 day)! 05/09/14 - 05/11/14


This morning, as Bobochan was happily strolling towards his workplace in Flarine, the attention of our favorite smith was captured by a truly divine voice:

- Hô Beauty! Warm weather is finally here, the sun is shining! Listen carefully, Bobo! You can feel it, you know it: you need to prepare yourself! Drop your hammer and come train with us on the islands, and bring your Chance Experience Box Q along!

Bobochan promptly retraced his steps and headed for the Flyff Shop, to indulge himself with Chance Experience Box Q*!

What? You never heard of those famous chance boxes?

The Chance Box Q will, hold on to something, reward you with between 1 and 5 (!!!!!) Scrolls of Amplification Q (1 Day)!

Bobochan is now ready to climb the highest mountain of XP and become a Hero!

Are you interested as well? Visit the "Special Offers (Chance Boxes)" category of our Flyff Shop, crack open those new Chance Boxes and buckle up for this week-end!

This offer is available until May 11th 2014 only.

The Chance Experience Boxes Q do not provide an actual box in the inventory, thus they are not tradable. They will simply automatically add up to 5 Scrolls of Amplification to the inventory, corresponding to the name of the Box.


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