April 10 2014

Shade VS Bubble - The Great Invasion!

Shade VS Bubble - The Great Invasion!

Fellow Madrigalians! After almost conquering the European Flyff servers, Shade has decided to concentrate her attention on the US servers! She assembled what remained of her army and managed to recruit new monsters to assist her. While they are marching on Madrigal's cities, Bubble will once again try to defend Madrigal from Shade and her minions. But he will need your help!
While Shade's minions were scouting Flaris, Bubble's spies were able to capture one of them. As it turned out, that minion wasn't very loyal and told Bubble everything he needed to know about Shade's plans. So we have an advantage now - we know when she is going to strike!

So - when exactly?

Mocomochi: Monday, April 14th (Channel 1) - 9am-10am PDT
Yetti: Tuesday, April 15th (Channel 1) - 9am-10am PDT
Kargo: Wednesday, April 16th (Channel 1) - 9am-10am PDT
Lykan: Thursday, April 17th (Channel 1) - 9am-10am PDT
Tanuki: Friday, April 18th (Channel 1) - 9am-10am PDT

The battle will take place in two regions. Bubble's main strike force (characters level 121-H or higher) will attack Shade's strongest monsters while the second group (characters up to level 120-M) will defend Madrigal from Shade's infantry and their generals.
(Bubble will need all Heroes helping him with the high level monsters. Therefore any Hero characters in the low level areas will be punished by Bubble's wrath!)

Rules for the event:

The battle will last one hour. If both groups should manage to kill all monsters and bosses within that timeframe, Bubble will grant that server a special weekend with the following blessings/bonuses:

- EXP x3 (x4 for Yetti)
- Drop rate x2
- Attack +400
- Defense +300

This special weekend will take place from April 25th-27th.

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