April 09 2014

Spring Break in Flyff!

Spring Break in Madrigal!

The busy times are finally over...after surviving the cold winter and getting Santa's presents...and celebrating the Lunar New Year with more firework than Madrigal has ever seen before...and finding new friends during Valentine's Day...and finally enjoying themselves with some cold Green Root Beer at St. Patrick's Day...the Madrigalians can finally rest, enjoy the nice weather and...eggs!

But first you will have to find those eggs! Monster have stolen all of them and now it's up to you to save the Easter festivities! The Egg Decorator needs you to bring her any stolen eggs you find and will reward you with her famous and (some says too colorful) Easter Eggs!

And if you started your spring cleaning yet and got rid of some old fashion, we have some fashion sets waiting for you! Of course you will have to do something first - our friendly Forest Keeper has a task for you and if you bring her the items she needs, she will reward you with a shiny Spring Box that may contain a fashion set or even one of a few new cloaks!

Finally, in order to make more things more interesting, we have a special little something for you this weekend (we have spotted Madrigalians mention the number "9000" rather often lately and slapping themselves...)

We wish you a Happy Easter and hope you'll enjoy the events!

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