Get 20% more gPotatoes and win vouchers worth up to $150
Dear Players! The time has come to splurge you with more bonuses and promotions to celebrate how awesome you all are! 30 gPotato coupons available, 3 lucky winners will receive a $150 value coupon...who will win? It's pret...
September 09 2013
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Get ready to win up to 5 Scrolls of Amplification Q (1 day)! 09/06/13 - 09/08/13
This morning, as Bobochan was happily strolling towards his workplace in Flarine, the attention of our favorite smith was captured by a truly divine voice:- Hô Beauty! Warm weather is finally here, the sun is shining! Listen...
September 06 2013
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No weekly Maintenance
No Weekly Maintenance Greetings, There is no maintenance this week.For those who didn't get the cutest pick-up pets yet, you still have 1 week to tame them! Fly safe in Madrigal! Best regards, The gPotato team
September 04 2013
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20% Extra Bonus! - Fill-Up PROMO
Dear Flyff community, The summer holidays are nearing its end, and that means it's back to business for most players. To ease the transition from the relaxing days to more active ones, we have an offer of 20% EXTRA BONUS gPotato wh...
September 02 2013
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[In-game] Double EXP and Drop Event! - 08/30 to 09/01
Because we want a last sunbeam before the summer ends, we concocted you a final summer event xp! Coming this weekend The Double EXP and drop Event! From the 30th of August (00:01 - PDT+0) to the 1st of September (23:59 - PDT+0), ...
August 29 2013
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