Maintenance taking place every Tuesday from now on!
Weekly Maintenance 04/15/2014 Greetings, starting tomorrow, the weekly maintenance will take place every Tuesday (instead of Thursday). The time wills stay the same though, from 01:01am to 02:30am (PDT). - The servers ...
April 14 2014
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Shade VS Bubble - The Great Invasion!
Shade VS Bubble - The Great Invasion! Fellow Madrigalians! After almost conquering the European Flyff servers, Shade has decided to concentrate her attention on the US servers! She assembled what remained of her army and manage...
April 10 2014
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Spring Break in Flyff!
Spring Break in Madrigal! The busy times are finally over...after surviving the cold winter and getting Santa's presents...and celebrating the Lunar New Year with more firework than Madrigal has ever seen before...and finding new fr...
April 09 2014
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Maintenance this week (Wednesday, April 9th, 2014)
Weekly Maintenance 04/09/2014 Greetings, The week the maintenance will take place on Wednesday instead of Thursday. Please find the details about the maintenance below: Maintenance (Wednesday, 04/09/2014 -approx. 1am&n...
April 08 2014
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Get ready to win up to 5 Scrolls of Amplification Q (1 day)! 04/04/14 - 04/06/14
This morning, as Bobochan was happily strolling towards his workplace in Flarine, the attention of our favorite smith was captured by a truly divine voice:- Hô Beauty! Warm weather is finally here, the sun is shining! Listen...
April 04 2014
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