Big Shop Revamp! New offers and lower prices with reductions up to 90%!
Hello all! You have been asking for it a lot of times and now the time has finally come - we are revamping the US Cash Shop! Not only are we adding a lot of new items, we are also adjusting the prices. But what exactly do...
July 21 2014
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[Sale] Weekend FLASH SALE! 30% off everything (except Apparel)!
FOR 24 HOURS ONLY - 30% OFF EVERYTHING* IN THE SHOP! The weekend is finally here! If you missed the Flash Sale on Monday, you'll have another chance this Saturday! From Saturday, July 19th, 8am (GMT+1) til Sunday, July 20th, 8a...
July 19 2014
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[In-game] Crazy Weekend: Secret Drops & Kalgas, the Generous (07/18 - 07/20/14)
CRAZY WEEKEND: SECRET DROPS & KALGAS, THE GENEROUS! Once again it's time to get your hands on those secret drops! Last time you didn't find all of them, so here we go again! But this time Kalgas has a little something for you too...
July 17 2014
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Maintenance: July 15th, 2014
Greetings, The weekly maintenance took place on Tuesday, 07/15/2014, from 07:30am to 9:30am (GMT+1). Updates: The FLYFFA Cup 2014 event ends and will be removed from the servers. The Summer Login Madness events is still ongoing. ...
July 15 2014
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[Event] Flyff Hold'em 2014 (07/15/14 - 08/12/14)
Jacklin Pott loves to play cards. She could spend all day doing so. But playing cards on your own is boring. That's why she hid several of her cards across Madrigal, hoping to lure players back to Saint Morning and play cards with her. Bu...
July 14 2014
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