November 05 2019

[Sale] Costumes and Cloaks of Kings!

Enjoy our costumes and cloak of the kings! Only until the 7th of November 2019.


Whether you're a tank, DPS or just want an EXP bonus, select the costumes that fit your playstyle with the powerful set bonus:


Azurite Noble Set




+15 to all stats

+10% Movement Speed

+10% Attack

Dark Prince/Princess Set




+5% EXP Bonus

+10% Movement Speed

+15 All Stats


Regal Set



+10% Critical Damage

+10% Hit Rate

+10% Movement Speed


Emerald Set



+10% Max HP

+10% Ranged Block

+10% Melee Block

+10% Parry


But not only do those costumes look pretty, they also have great stats:


Gloves: +7% Attack

Suit: +7% Critical Rate

Hair: +7 to all stats

Boots: +7% Movement Speed


Any set (4 pieces) can be obtained from the cash shop for 6,800 Wcoin.


The Cloaks of the Kings are the perfect upgrade to your Costumes of the Kings, and they also provide great stats for your character. But these cloaks have a little something more... they all provide a permanent EXP bonus, even if you don't own the matching costume!


Here are the stats provided by each cloak:


+15 to all basic stats (FOR, DEX, INT ,END)

+7% Maximum HP

+10% EXP


These stats are identical for each cloak, but what makes the cloaks unique is the additional set bonus they provide when combined with their matching costumes.


Azurite Noble Cloak


When the fifth piece of the Azurite Noble set is equipped, it provides +15% Attack on top of the original set bonus (for a total of +25% Attack!!!).


Regal Cloak


When the fifth piece of the Regal set is equipped, it provides +15% Critical Damage and +10% Hit Rate on top of the original set bonus.


Cloak of the Dark Prince/Princess


When the fifth piece of the Dark Prince/Princess set is equipped, it provides +10% EXP and +10% Movement Speed on top of the original set bonus (for a total of +25% EXP!!!).


Emerald Cloak 


When the fifth piece of the Emerald set is equipped, it provides +10% Range/Melee Block, +10% Parry and +5% Maximum HP on top of the original set bonus.


Here is the price of the cloak alone:


Emerald Cloak 1800 Wcoin

 Regal Cloak 1800 Wcoin

Azurite Noble Cloak 1800 Wcoin

Cloak of the Dark Prince/Princess 1800 Wcoin

You can also buy the cloak with the matching costume (boots, gloves, hair, suit and cloak) and save 600 Wcoin !


Azurite Noble Bundle 8000 Wcoin
Dark Prince Bundle 8000 Wcoin
Regal Bundle 8000 Wcoin
Emerald Bundle 8000 Wcoin


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