September 10 2019

Server merge update



Hello Flyffers,


In our initial announcement, we promised to do everything possible to complete all merges by  the end of 2019. Our goal is to regroup as many servers as possible from each region to create the best gaming experience.




From this program, 2 merges are left to be done:



Lykan, Mocomochi and Tanuki



Murano and Devos


Our database and QA team are still working on making sure that everything's accomplished without issues. These 2 merges will be done simultaneously, but since it's a work in progress we cannot yet disclose the precise date. Our initial plan to make the merges happen before the end of 2019 remains our target.


Awaiting the result of merge testing, we are opening the votes for the new names of the merged server on our forum. The Flyff team made a fine selection of iconic monster names, but it is up to you to make the final call on the newly merged server name.


We wish you a wonderful time on Fly for Fun,

Your Flyff team

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