February 20 2019

[Phase 1 Kargo-Yetti-Lykan] Server Merge Update



Hello Citizens of Madrigal,


Two months have passed since we announced our program of server merge, during this time  our teams worked hard to elaborate the script and test the merge. We are finally ready to  execute the first phase of our merge program which will be Yetti and Kargo merged in the  Lykan server.




This merge will happen on Tuesday 26th of February 2019 (a more specific time period will be announced in the next patch note).


We have the pleasure to announce that we managed to save the data of the auction house and the mails, consequently removing your items from those places before merge is no longer necessary but can still be done as a preventive measure.

This first attempt will be key to the success of this program, in our final testing everything worked as planned but it has been done on a small scale. The Flyff database contains information stored for more than a decade, because of the huge quantity of data being transferred, we cannot guarantee that everything will go perfectly as planned, however we will do our best with the support of Flyff developer, GalaLab.


Have a good week,

Your Flyff Team

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