December 18 2018

Server Merge update




  Greetings, Citizens of Madrigal!


  We finally have an announcement to make about the state of the server merges.





First off, we can now confirm that the server merges will happen! Technical problems preventing the server merges have been fixed, and our ultimate objective is to merge down to 1 server for each region (1 US, 1 DE, 1 FR and 1 EU).

Here is the order in which we will proceed:


Phase 1


Yetti, Kargo and Lykan

Phase 2


Hydros and Murano

Phase 3


Meteonyker and Clockwork

Phase 4


Illustre and Euphoria

Phase 5


Tanuki, Lykan and Mocomochi

Phase 6


Murano and Devos

These phases have been scheduled in order of priority and in accordance with what we had planned originally back in 2016.


The first merge (Yetti, Kargo and Lykan) will happen in early 2019. If this first attempt goes well, we will proceed with the next phases and hopefully complete all merges by the end of 2019. For now, we will refrain from announcing any precise date, since it will depend on the results of our tests.


Keep in mind that the Flyff database is huge, with over 12 years of data amassed. At such a massive scale, many things can get more complicated in practice than they are in theory. We will do our best to respect the schedule and make sure players encounter as few issues as possible.


Finally, the Webzen team would like to sincerely apologize for the huge delays in the server merge process. The project has been put on hold many times, but the Webzen and Gala database teams have worked hard to overcome the technical problems and they are now behind us.


We hope that the server merges will happen as soon as possible and will go as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for your incredible patience.


The Webzen team wishes you wonderful Christmas vacations!

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