March 23 2018

Flyff: Turning Point Part 2: Interface, Drop and premium area!


Hello citizens of Madrigal,


Today is the 5th and final preview of Turning Point - Part 2, and we'll be talking about interface improvement, updated drops and the new premium area!


For this expansion we've been looking into new ways to make your daily life easier, starting with the new pick-up pet filter.


Once you summon your pick-up pet, you will be able to choose the items you want your pet to grab via the following window:



We also added additional details to the character statistics. The character information window will now display: Speed, Attack Speed, Spell, Hit Rate, Melee Block, Range Block, Parry and Damage Reflection.


To make it easier to see your weapons in your inventory, colored borders have been added to weapons as per the following color code:


Green -> Unique Weapon

Red -> Baruna

Gold -> Ultimate



Updated Drops

For the occasion of Turning Point - Part 2, we've updated the drops from old dungeons to make them attractive again!


With this expansion, monsters from the Ivillis Dungeon, Clockwork and all the bosses of Rhisis' Trail will drop Lightning Stones. Moreover, bosses of Rhisis' Trail will also drop the 4 pieces of the Garnet, Turquoise, Aquamarine and Amethyst (10 pieces will give you a gem). Gems and Lightning Stones are the essential components needed to upgrade your costumes.


But that's not all: since it's no longer obtainable from the Guild Siege, the mighty Flame King Meteonyker will drop the Skeleton Cloak at a certain rate!

The Emporium


Turning Point - Part 2 will also feature a new premium area, the Emporium! It will be possible to obtain Emporium Tickets for free during events, or directly from the cash shop. Double-click on the ticket and you will be teleported to this special area, which will greatly help you whether you're a beginner or a long-time veteran.


Here's the map of the Emporium:



The Emporium will also feature the following:

-A new Buff Pang that provides a level-20 buff

-A special Rental Pang that provides better items compared to the regular Rental Pang

-A special teleporter that can TP you to many different locations

-A key seller NPC:



-And many other NPC sellers


This has been our last preview for the Turning Point - Part 2 expansion. See you next time for the patch notes!


Have a great day in Flyff!

Your Flyff team.

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