March 21 2018

Flyff: Turning Point Part 2: News for the Guild Siege


You've already heard about the Mars Dungeon. You know all about the fashion upgrade and the new gear which will improve your character.


Today, we want to focus on another feature of Fly For Fun, and what will change:


The Guild Siege!


The following changes will apply to the Guild Siege with Turning Point - Part 2.




Dark Devil's Cloak:


The time of winning guilds receiving just 1 cloak is over. With the new update, there won't be 1, but 10 cloaks - 1 for each member of the team + 5 for 5 members of your Guild of your choice.! These cloaks are the most powerful in the game right now, and shall be granted to those who prove they are the strongest of the server. Are you strong enough? Prove it in the Guild Siege, and claim this reward for yourself. But that also means that the Skeleton Cloak won't be avaiable as reward for the Guild Siege anymore.


And remember, make sure you have enough free space in your guild warehouse before entering the Guild Siege!


However, these cloaks come with one disadvantage: they are yours for only 7 days. After this period, you'll have to fight again to earn the right to wear them.




The cloak will have the following stats:

- Duration: 7 Days

- Def: 1~1

- All Stats: +35

- PvP Damage: +15%

- Increased Attack: +20%

- Increased Critical Damage: +25%

- Soul-Linked: Yes (once equipped)


The Dark Devil's Cloak can't be upgraded, pierced or awakened.



Guild War Participation Cloak

All participants of the Guild Siege, whether they win or lose, will receive a certain amount of  Guild Siege Compensation Boxes based on the rank they made in the Guild Siege. Each Box contains 1 Red Chip and 1 Guild War Participation Cloak (all soul-linked) as rewards for players' efforts during the Guild Siege. They are less powerful than the Dark Devil's Cloaks, but nevertheless prove that you were among those chosen to fight in a Guild Siege.



The cloak will have the following stats:


- Duration: 7 Days

- Def: 1~1

- All Stats: +10

- Speed: +10

- Increased HP: +10%

- Decreased Casting Time: +5%

- Soul-Linked: Yes (once equipped)


The Guild War Participation Cloak can't be upgraded, pierced or awakened.


This is just one section of the upcoming content for Turning Point - Part 2. Stay tuned for more information.

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