March 13 2018

Flyff: Turning Point Part 2 - New Weapons and Armors


Citizens of Madrigal, 

Welcome to our second preview of Turning Point - Part 2. Today, the Flyff team is delighted to introduce the new weapon and armor content that will arrive with this expansion. 



New Armors 

Turning Point - Part 2 will feature 8 brand-new Yggdrasil armor sets, 1 for each 3rd job class. These armors will be nothing less than the most powerful armors in the game! 


They will be available to players from level 155, and every armor can be worn by its matching class.  
















To get this masterpiece, you will have to face great danger in the new version of the Mars Mine dungeon and 

collect the necessary elements to craft such a fine piece of armor. Once this is done, you will need to talk to the Job Master of Eillun Village. He will allow you to get any Yggdrasil Helmet, Gauntlets, Suit or Boots in exchange for 15 Purified Yggdrasil Tree Branches, 15 Purified Dryad's Spirits and 15 Yggdrasil Leaves. 




New Weapons 

As you probably guessed, the new armors will also be accompanied by the great Purified Yggdrasil weapons. Just like the armor sets, you will need to be level 155 and fight your way into the newly reworked Mars dungeon [LINK] to collect the necessary components


















Once done, talk to Huntrang, the chief of Eillun Village. He will give you any of the new Yggdrasil weapons in exchange for 15 Purified Yggdrasil Branches, 15 Purified Dryad's Spirits and 15 Yggdrasil Leaves. 



Weapon Rental 

Enough with the high-level characters, we also have a great new feature for low-level players. With Turning Point - Part 2, it will be possible to rent items for all 1st and 2nd job classes! 


These items can be rented from Rental Pang in Flaris. Once per day he will give you a rental box depending on your level, which will greatly help you during your adventure. All the items have a 1-day time limit, so use them wisely! 


The following table displays the items contained in the different rental boxes and their stats:


Keep in mind that these temporary items can't be enchanted, pierced or awakened. 


That's all for today. We hope to see you next time for another preview of the Turning Point - Part 2 expansion! 


Have a wonderful day in Flyff! 


Your Flyff team 

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