March 09 2018

FLYFF Turning Point Part 2 - Set for European & American Regions This March

WEBZEN confirms the release of Flyff's latest expansion in Europe & America.


Seoul, Korea - 9 March, 2018 - WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play MMO games, announced that the latest expansion for popular manga MMORPG Flyff – Fly For Fun will be released on European & American servers on 27 March, 2018.


Flyff is a high-flying fantasy RPG with millions of registered accounts worldwide. This latest expansion will end the "Turning Point" saga, a series that shook the Flyff community with lots of features and challenges, and introduced the perilous Rhisis' Trail to the world of Madrigal.


In Turning Point's second chapter, it's the long-abandoned Mars Mine dungeon that will be at the center of a new crisis. The oldest dungeon in Flyff history will receive a full rework and will be inhabited by some of the most fearsome monsters ever seen in the game. New armor and weapons are only some of the rewards that the bravest explorers can obtain, and a quest line will guide them through this new adventure.


In line with what started in "Part 1", this update won't leave out PvP: Guild War will be refreshed with new and more powerful rewards, and the way they are distributed will also change, generating a more competitive experience.


But this is not all, many other features are on the way concerning level cap, pets, costumes and more.


All updates will be revealed on a weekly basis, with previews on the Flyff website, livestreaming on the WEBZEN Games Twitch Channel and sneak peeks of game features on the official Facebook page.


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