March 09 2018

Flyff: Turning Point Part 2 - The Mars Mine


There was a rumbling in the earth, as sudden cracks in Mars Mine opened, and armies of new, never-seen-before monsters entered the dungeon.


Within moments, the dungeon turned into a war zone. Cursed Nyangnyangs, Bangs and Feferns now faced new enemies which tried to claim Mars Mine for themelves. The war was lost before it had even begun. Led by the Contaminated Yggdrasil Tree Branches, armies of Ants and Naiphins rushed into the dungeon and mercilessly pushed out the inhabitants of Mars Mine.


Now, under new rulership, the monsters of Mars Mine are preparing the next step: to bring the war to the people of Madrigal!


Flaris will be the first city to fall...


But the Mayor of Flaris has a plan. If you're brave enough, and are level 155 or more, you'll need to go and see him. Your help will be sorely needed to protect Flaris from the new hordes of monsters inhabiting Mars Mine.


Yes, you read right. With the release of Turning Point, Part 2, Mars Mine will be changed. The old monsters of level 20 to level 35 will be removed and replaced by monsters of level 155+:


Contaminated Yggdrasil Tree Branch (Level 172)



Contaminated Dryad (Level 170)


Huge Naiphin (Level 168)


Yggdrasil Queen Ant (Level 167)



Yggdrasil Guardian Ant (Level 165)



Angry Naiphin (Level 160)



Depressed Naiphin (Level 160)



Yggdrasil Ant (Level 159)



Naiphin (Level 158)



Yggdrasil Armor Bug (Level 155)


Interested? Then prepare yourself, on 15 March we'll be streaming on our twitch channel, giving you a virtual tour through Mars Mine and facing the new threat head-on.


This is just one section of the upcoming content for Turning Point, Part 2. Stay tuned for more information.

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