February 14 2017

Happy Valentine's Week



Dear WEBZEN member,

Hang on to your heart as we kick off Valentine's week,
launching events in every direction like a storm of arrows!

From the 14th to the 21st of February, Cupid will be getting a 100% hit rate on the portal!

Now that we're on the subject, a word about Cupid (Hero archer, level 155 on Flyff and 190 on Rappelz):

On paper, the cherub is a top-notch pro gamer that you'd be crazy not to want on your team!

Indeed, just take a look at his skills...


"Arrow of Love" (Super powerful shot, bypasses armor and the "Heart of Stone" spell)
"Sudden Moment of Folly" debuff (INT -100%, skills "Parental Advice" and "Trolling Buddies" become ineffective)
"Bleeding Heart" (Life drain on your wallet with no heal possible on your bank account)
"Deadly Blow" (100% Head and Heart shot!)

The only problem is... he fires totally randomly!! Moreover, he's always on friendly fire mode ("Friendzone Level 4" - a debuff to be feared!).


We just took Cupid on a raid here at WEBZEN, and the little cherub kicks ass!


Get Up To 30% Bonus Wcoin!


"DOT" (Damage Over Time) on Wcoin resistance, granting a bonus of up to 30% (10% for all prices on mobile Allopass and with E-PIN partners) from the 14th to the 21st of February!




Wonderful events to brighten your week with friends!


A burst of events concocted by our lovely community managers for ALL our games!

Enjoy seasonal offers in Flyff!


While Cupid makes your favorite playground his shooting range, the Flyff shop will feature the following offers:


3 for 2 - Soul Leeching Bead Bundle - 6,000

3 for 2 - Sprotect Weekend Bundle - 4,200

3 for 2 - Xprotect Weekend Bundle - 5,600

3 for 2 - Aprotect Weekend Bundle - 3,500

3 for 2 - Gprotect Weekend Bundle - 5,600

3 for 2 - Reversion Weekend Bundle - 7,000

5 for 2 - Scroll of Unbinding - 4,000

5 for 2 - Blessing of the Goddess - 280

3 for 2 - Scroll of Awakening Augmentation - 700

3 for 2 - Scroll of Awakening Augmentation (10) - 7,000

6 pieces - Set of the Wise Dragon King (F) + (M) - 10,000

6 pieces - Set of the Almighty Dragon King (F) + (M) - 10,000

6 pieces - Set of the Fierce Dragon King (F) + (M) - 10,000


In addition, we have discounted these already existing items in the Item Shop by 50%! A great time to buy love related decorative outfits, get them while they're hot!

Wedding Set (M) - 350

Wedding Hair (M) - 105

Wedding Set (F) - 350

Wedding Hair (F) - 105

Cupid Wing - 35

Heartbreaker Set (F) - 700

Casanova Set (M) - 700

We wish you a great Valentine's week...


...and hope Cupid will be part of your next team in the dungeon of life!

In any case, have fun and fire those arrows!

Your WEBZEN "passion" team.


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