August 12 2016

Flyff: Turning Point - Part 1 - A closer look!



Greetings Flyffers!


As you all know, the latest Flyff expansion ‘Turning Point - Part 1’ is coming soon. Only four days to go!


Let’s have a look at what is coming with it:


  • Rhisis' Trail: New Dungeon with daily quests and rewards


In Elliun you’ll be able to find two new NPCs – a still mysterious girl and… Einherr.


While the Mysterious Girl gets herself busy protecting the entrance of the new Dungeon, Einherr has some quest(ion) for you! Einherr quests are special and can be repeated on a daily basis.


To enter Rhisis' Trail, you need to be in a party where all members are Level 151 (or higher) and the leader of the party must be in possession of a Rainbow Stone.


The Party Leader can obtain the Rainbow Stone in two ways:

1) Collecting: Boss Monsters from Level 150 on, have a chance to drop one of these orbs.

2) Crafting: Collector Managers in Flaris, Saint Morning and Darkon will be willing to trade the Rainbow Stone for a few cheap… shiny Gems.


  • New Card Upgrade System 


Having a lot of old A, B or C cards? You don’t need them anymore but don’t want throw them away?


With the new card upgrade system, you can melt 10 cards together to bring them to the next level:

-          10 C-Cards can be turned into one B-Card

-          10 B-Cards can be turned into one A-Card

-          10 A-Cards can be turned into one S-Card

-          10 S-Cards can be turned into one R-Card (new!)


Same goes for the “%” cards:

-          10 3% Cards can be turned into 1 4% Card

-          10 4% Cards can be turned into 1 7% Card

-          10 7% Cards can be turned into 1 10% Card

-          10 10% Cards can be turned into 1 12% Card (new!)


In order to exchange these cards, please go to the Card Manager in Flaris. She will be happy to offer her service to you.


  • New Guild War Reward


Guild War will reward players with a brand new cloak, for those who like to test their strength with other guilds.


  • But let's also have a look at some of the other new features!

- Improved compatibility with Windows 10


- 2% and D-Cards will be removed from the game


- Inventory extension & sort button


- Added a new setting to the options menu: you can now also move your character diagonally.


- Lord Election: Minimum number of active players for the election - removed


- New character UI


- Shops can be opened in cities again


- Marketplace teleport NPC becomes an Auctioneer NPC now


- Maximum amount of items in Auction house increased to 60


- New Channel for Premium Island




That’s it for today!


Oh, one last thing! To help you getting ready for the upcoming expansion, we have a 2x EXP Event this weekend. Starting today!


Enjoy !

Your Webzen Team


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