December 18 2015

10 years of Flyff


10 years ago, on December 25th, a new promising game was set to be released for the first time in Korea. The game was critically acclaimed, and represented one of the first to use the free-to-play model in videogame history. Thanks to its extraordinary success, it was soon released in many other countries amassing over 30,000,000 registered users. However, it's only thanks to its players that it has now become one of the oldest classic MMOs around!


Without you, we would never have even come close to that record...

So this Christmas, join in with our 10th anniversary events and celebrate Flyff’s latest achievement with us!





10x Experience Special Event! (December 25th)


On December 25th only, we will be applying 10x EXP for 10 minutes every hour! For the remaining time, 3x EXP will be applied as announced below.




3x Experience! (December 25th - 28th)

Simply log in between the 25th and 28th of December to get 3x EXP on all servers!




Boost your character event! (22 of December - 5 of January)


Go talk to any Buff Pang and they will offer you the following quests:

  1. If your character is between level 1 and 15, talk to Pang and he will give you 2 Weapon Tokens .
  2. If your character is between level 15 (after the 1st job change) and 20, talk to Pang and he will give you an EXP boost that will get you right up to level 60!
  3. Once you have completed the 2nd job change, talk to Pang again and he will give you 2 Armor Tokens .

Pang will exchange your tokens for the following:

  • 1 Weapon Token  ----> Historic Weapon Set  containing 2 Historic Weapons +7 (30 days) for your 1st job class.
  • 1 Armor Token  ----> Armor Set  containing 1 Armor Set (30 days) for your 2nd job class.

Please make sure you choose the correct reward as we will be unable to exchange or swap and wrongly chosen ones.




Happy Christmas and anniversary everyone!

Your WEBZEN Team.

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