[Sale] Amazing Weekend Protection Bundle Sale (01/29 - 02/02/15)
AMAZING WEEKEND PROTECTION BUNDLE SALE! This weekend, starting on Thursday, January 29th, 8:00am (GMT) until Monday, February 2nd, 08:00am (GMT), we have a few special bundle offers for you in the Cash Shop! The followin...
January 29 2015
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Maintenance: January 27th, 2015
Greetings, The weekly maintenance will take place on Tuesday, 01/27/2015, from 07:00am to 10:00am (GMT). Updates: We only have a server reboot this week. The portal and forums will also be undergoing maintenance from 07:00am to ...
January 26 2015
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[Sale] Scroll of Unbinding (2 for 1), Scroll of Awakening Augmentation & Blessing of the Goddess (2 for 1)!
SCROLL OF UNBINDING ~ 2 FOR 1 OFFER, SCROLL OF AWAKENING AUGMENTATION SALE & BLESSING OF THE GODDESS ~ 2 FOR 1 OFFER! This weekend we have an offer a lot of you have been asking for again! From Friday, 01/23/15, 08:00am GMT...
January 23 2015
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[Sale] Wings & Mounts - Your All-time Favorites!
WINGS & MOUNTS - YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITES! The Top 10 bikes and mounts will return to the Cash Shop this week! From Tuesday, January 20th, 8:00am GMT til Tuesday, January 27th, 8:00am GMT, you'll find the following items in ...
January 20 2015
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Maintenance: January 20th, 2015
Greetings,The weekly maintenance will take place on Tuesday, 01/20/2015, from 07:00am to 10:00am (GMT).Updates: The HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 event ends and the NPC will be removed from the game. [US ONLY] The siege time has been adjusted. ...
January 19 2015
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